Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 12, 2017 - Mountain Run Lake

Went fishing at Mountain Run Lake, ran across this:

That is a truck tire with a snapping turtle that got stuck in it, died, and decayed.  Because snapping turtles have spent 49.9999 of their last 50 million years of evolution without having to deal with assholes pitching rubber donuts into the water, it's not a surprise  that he wasn't prepared for this contingency.

And this was a big turtle, as big as any I've ever seen in this lake.  This turtle might have been 30 years old.

And he might have sat there in the muck living his miserable turtle existance for another 70 if some fuckwit didn't throw a truck tire where it doesn't belong.  I know Culpeper citizens have this grand tradition of littering, but come the fuck on, people.