Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey, idiot, clear your browsing history on public computers!

Do you ever use a public computer, e.g. one at a library?  If so, you absolutely must clear your browser history before you log out.  Otherwise, someone like me will come along, and find out that you are cheating on an assignment for junior year english class, looking up "To Kill a Mockingbird" quotes in google, rather than, I don't know, reading the thing as you've been assigned.

Anyway, this is stupid, and lets say you were logging into your bank account, and someone stole all your money.  Come on, people.

In any case, the library here is at fault as well, not having a script to purge browser history on each logout.  Shame on them for incompetence as well.

You wonder at how people have their email "hacked."  This sort of thing is how.   Ppppppshhhhmup.

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