Thursday, April 2, 2020

April 2, 2020 - The future is now!

Well now, I never expected this blog to become the widely-read information resource that it's become.  Instead, I expected it to be what ultimately disqualifies me from running for school board, or at least US House of Representatives.  Squares on the public dole aren't supposed to use foul language, I'm told.  But, widely-read I've become due to my mass appeal, or at least appeal to the 30-38 year old disaffected misanthrope demographic.

In any case, I haven't posted anything since 2018 because I've been napping since then.  Imagine my surprise when I emerged from my slumber today to discover the world has gone absolutely batshit insane due to something called, depending on what news resource you prefer, coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, chinese flu, whatever.

I was going to make a joke there that included a slur, but didn't, because it might be against the terms of service for this blogging platform.  Now that platforms for expression are controlled, to a large extent, by private companies, it's hard to know what'll get you banned.  Too bad too, it was going to be a great joke - hilarious, and at the same time abhorrent and repulsive. Ask me sometime and I'll tell it to you.  Some local newspaper, like the Culpeper daily, should hire me for my insights.  Twenty dollars per insight, or 3 for $50.  That way, I'd make some money, have the protection of the press, and they'd have something worth printing for a change.

Anyway, here we are.  Or at least here I am, staying 6 feet and billions of electrons the hell away from you. Or at least I'm trying.  Sometimes I've got to go to the supermarket to buy necessities.  While there, I try to look my most contagious so people stay away.  It works.  While there, I can't help but notice the lady with the gloves on rubbing her nose, or the guy with the mask over his mouth, but not his nose, and I think, is this the best you can do, people?  If you aren't going to take care, leave the prophylactic measures for those who won't fuck it up.

Anyway, I've gotten a bit preachy there.  Reckon I need some light-hearted fishing related content. 

Went fishing this evening, got blown around by the wind, caught a bass and a crappie, both on a 1/32 oz crappie jig with a curly tail, watched the swallows, kingfishers, redwing blackbirds, saw some ospreys fishing, I was happy to note even less successfully than I.  Also saw the scourge of fishermen everywhere, cormorants. Cormorants should go back to the hell they came from.

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