Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015 - Mountain Run Lake

Thank heaven for small fish, that's what I always say.  Just ask anyone within earshot of me and they'll confirm, I always say that.  It's hard to find anyone within earshot of me though, since I tend to drive people away, that being my only conversational gambit.

The reason for the appreciation for small fish is that without a 6" bass or a 4" bluegill, I would've been skunked on this trip.  And nothing is so demoralizing as getting skunked, I always say.  Damnit, I've contradicted myself, and this is only the second paragraph!

Anyway, I fished with a chartreuse spinnerbait, a red/white/black curly tail, a spinner, a blade bait, a plastic lizard, a 1/12 oz crankbait, and I may be minus one kitchen sink as well.  Nothing worked.  The fish I caught were on the blade bait, a chartreuse and black 1/8 oz job, and those fish I'm fairly certain were just swimming by, not intending to be hauled from the not-so-briney deep to be held aloft and photographed.

Speaking of photographs, you might be wondering, where are they!?  Surely these small fish have been captured in 16 megapixel glory?!  Indeed they were, but I don't have my camera handy, and am feeling too lazy to go get it.  And who would want to see pictures of small fish?  Well, maybe someone interested in fishing Mountain Run Lake in mid June after a miserable heat wave.  But I wouldn't want to discourage them.  Fishing is about discovery and fiddlefucking around trying to find something that the fish will bite, and I wouldn't want to deprive someone of the joy that results from that infernal process.

In any case, I also did something fishing related on June 15, but can't write it up because it might incriminate me.

See you soon!

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