Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015 - Mountain Run Lake

So on Saturday, I caught a number of fish, which I'd put on a stringer, the eventual goal being to consume their flesh for sustenance.

But a snapping turtle got to them first.  Maybe it's hypocritical of me to criticize the turtle for eating the fish, considering that's what I'd planned to do, but at least he could have caught his own, rather that freeloading off of my catch!

Anyway, so Sunday, August 2, I put in and tied about 9 feet of 50 lb test mono to my center thwart, and tied a big 5/0 circle hook to the other end, and baited it with a live bluegill.  I proceeded to paddle around, fishing up near the bank, figuring there was a fair chance I'd catch a turtle.  My plan if I caught one was to paddle to the bank and hop out, and then deal with putting the turtle in the plastic bin I brought.

Turned out all my preparations where for naught, since I didn't catch a turtle.  After a while, I took the small bluegill and started casting him up near the bank, letting him sit for a while, thinking maybe that'd be more effective if my canoe was scaring the turtles away.  I don't think it does though, turtles seem to stick their heads up all the time to check me out, sometimes I have to prod them with a paddle to get them to go away.

Anyway, eventually I caught a big catfish on the bluegill, and took out, cleaned him, and went home. 

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