Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 5 & 6 2016, Mountain Run Lake and Lake Brittle

Went to Mountain Run Lake on Saturday, fished for a while and caught one 7-8 inch bass.  I guess I could blab about some not-particularly-significant thing for a while, like the sky being the color of cornflowers, which I am to understand are blue, or the water being the color of vomit, but there doesn't seem to be any profit in it.

Sunday, however, was a day of cornflower-blue skies, and I went up to Lake Brittle, a vomit-colored  recreational impoundment in Fauquier County, near what once was Vint Hill Farms Station, a facility operated by the Army to spy on foreigners, if you believe what the man tells you, or to spy on us, if you don't.  The facility has closed though, so they (or we) are now being spied on from some other location.

According to the DGIF website, this lake was constructed using "Dingell-Johnson funds," apparently sourced from a excise tax on fishing tackle.  Damn government taking our tax dollars and giving them to the poor fishermen!  Build your own damn lake, freeloaders!

Also according to the DGIF website, this lake hosts such species as: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Black Crappie and Channel Catfish, but you couldn't prove it by me, or my fellow anglers that I queried.  The lake seems pretty shallow, more of a puddle than either Pelham or Mountain Run, with a swampy, marshy character.   DGIF has a nice contour map, which I've reproduced here:
The water temperature was still cold at about 50 F.  I imagine in a month it might heat up and be worth trying again.

I've run out of bullshit to type now so I'll stop.

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