Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016 - You in the patriotic shirt, shut up.

I am sitting in the Culpeper County Library typing this.  Some jerk in a shirt with the word "Freedom" in red, white and blue is yakking into a cellphone in the middle of the place.  In TV shows, the librarians don't put up with that shit, approaching loud patrons saying "Shhh!" with the sort of incipient menace you associate with annoyed bulls just before they eviscerate some toreador waving a red cape.   But here, the librarians are timid, let's-not-make-a-fuss, it's-not-my-job types, so they don't do anything about it.  And I have no authority, and this shmuck clearly doesn't have any regard for the common courtesy that normally accompanies being a member of society, so there is no point in me bringing to his attention that he is a prick. Maybe one day he'll read this, realize I was talking about him, and turn over a new leaf.  Maybe he'll be in a fatal car accident or move to Kansas.  In the meanwhile, I guess I'll just grit my teeth and tip-tap-type.

Anyway, went fishing at Dead Carp Ditch, fished for about 45 minutes and caught nothing, fishing with a white curly tail, a rubber crawdad, and a spinner.  Nothing noteworthy about it at all.

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