Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10 2014 - Lake Pelham

Went over to Lake Pelham and put in around 7:30.  I put in off Henrietta and was able to get out into the lake, but it's probably a matter of 3 inches less water and that put-in will no longer be feasible.

We'd gotten some rain earlier in the day and it had cooled off some.  The water temperature at the ramp was 77 F and the air temperature was 80.  Sky was clear, no wind to speak of.

I fished a big spinnerbait casting in to the bank, and had a strike but didn't hook him.  I made my way along the south bank and began to round the point to where Gaines Run comes in under Highway 29.   Looking back, took a picture of the sunset.

At about 8:30, it was dusk, and I switched to a "fluorescent green crawdad" heddon tiny torpedo.  Second cast, I hooked and landed a 14-incher:

There's a 12-15 inch slot limit in Pelham, so I released the fish as I would hope everyone would.

I hoped that I'd get some more action as the sun went down.  At about 9, I switched to a zara spook and missed a strike.  It was getting dark, so I made my way back to the ramp and took out.

I was speculating a couple of days ago that if I fished Pelham in the evening, maybe I could catch some fish.  Before tonight, I thought that decent size fish in Pelham were  a myth.

I may try out here again this week.

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