Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014 - Lake Orange

Went down to Lake Orange.  Put in around 7.  At the put in, there were some ducks with ducklings, and one of them appeared to be albino.

I apologize for the terrible pictures.

Anyway, I paddled across to the cove opposite the ramp.  There were several boats in the downstream direction, so I decided to go upstream.  Using my phone's GPS capability, I plotted my path around the lake.  It didn't start it until I was already out there, and forgot to turn it off when I took out.

So I paddled up the left creek, and caught a small redear on a spinner.

I made my way up the other creek, casting up near the bank, around the blowdowns and other structure.  I had a strike that I missed on a green heddon torpedo right here:

I started back down the opposite shore, and didn't do much.  As dusk fell, I switched to a big spoon and cast out, jigging it back.  I took out at about 9:45.

A grizzled local who was taking out at the same time as I was hadn't done much either, and remarked that it was really dead, which let me blame my lack of success on fate rather than poor technique or inadequate skill.  He told me that downstream is better than upstream, something to remember for next time.

Not 5 minutes after I drove away, it started to rain and I drove home in the rain.

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