Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014 - Rappahannock River & Stormwater Pond

Went to Rappahannock River, put in around 1 PM at the March Run Parking Area next to the bridge, floated down and paddled back up.  Marsh Run is a tributary.

Here I am approaching the river.

Caught a small redbreast sunfish:

 The water was muddy, but not really high. 

Caught a few more small sunfish, this was the largest I caught.

The bottom in this stretch is mostly sand without much in the way of structure.

Took out about 4:30.

Returned to Culpeper and ate dinner.  After dinner, went down to the Stormwater Pond and fished for any larger fish that might be in there with a crawdad jig.

Didn't get any strikes aside from some of the small fish in there.  If the mechanism by which fish get into these sort of originally barren waters is associated with birds carrying fertilized eggs or fry from other bodies of water, I'm guessing that the first population established would prevent that mechanism from functioning again, by virtue of the established population feeding on any fry/eggs and eliminating them.  Someone should dump some mature bass in here.

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  1. I know that pond! I caught a 6-inch bass out of there yesterday. Someone must have acted on your suggestion!